Visual Studio is asking me for a Windows Developers License. Can I learn without one?


I've wanted to learn C# for a while now, mainly because of Unity. I use Ruby/Rails at work, which I learned through tutorials on the internet. Since I feel like I miss a lot of important core programming concepts, I figured I'd buy a book this time.

So I bought Head First C#, Third Edition. Looking at the table of contents, it seems like it covers a lot of things that I should know but don't, so it will help a lot at my work as well, which is nice.

The book recommends that you install Visual Studio 2013, so I did. After it finished the downloading and registration part, I created a blank app, as the book tells me to do.

However, when I tried to open the newly created MainPage.xaml file, I got this error, telling me I need a Windows Developers License.

I don't really mind paying for it, but I'd like to wait until I know for certain I'm going to continue with this.

Is there a legal way to continue?

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