Scheduler service for database backup

Hi folks, dunno if it's the right sub, or should have I put this in /r/programming. I'm still big newbie in whole this world, given the fact I started few months ago from complete zero. So, I'm not asking you here to do the coding for me, I'm just asking for some guidelines on how should I start, steps towards the goal, etc. So, I want to make a service which would do a scheduled or manual backup of database. Scheduled meaning it would do backups periodically (like every 7 days, etc.). Furthermore, it's is supposed to send e mail to user after every backup and the user should be able to specify the download path. And, it should be done as console app in C#.

It's my first real app, so I really don't have a clue how to combine all the theory in my head to have a good start.

by Ajatolah via /r/csharp

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