Recommended technology for a project

I mainly have done desktop applications in the past with one app that used sockets to send raw data. But I am looking at a personal project and am thinking I will need a different approach. Basically I am looking for something flexible that I can access data and send commands via an Android app and maybe a web app. Pretty much all of it will be c# with things like Xamarin.

What technology would you guys recommend for the server side of things? Web services? WCF? Something else? Do you have any good starting learning sources for the recommended technology?

If you want more details, the project is going to be a basic home monitoring app. I recently ordered a Raspberry Pi and want to start out with it monitoring my garage door. I would like it to be able to send notifications in case the garage was left open for x amount of time and be able to login with either an Android app or HTML and check the current status and maybe even open the garage from remote.

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