Quadratic Equation solver – should be easy, but I just can’t do it :D

Hi everyone! I have to make a quadratic equation solver, and I am done with my code – at least I think so, but my code doesn't. The code should work for all I know, but it says "use of unassigned local variable", but not for all my variables. And when I try to fix them, it doesn't work, but rather just makes new bugs ("99 little bugs in the code, fix one and see how it goes… 199 little bugs in the code" feeling). So I cannot run it either, and I don't know whether it would work or not. Could you maybe help me out? 🙂 Also, I have only been learning C# for a few months now, in class for my IB diploma Programme, so I actually can't use… uhm, anything else, except for the things that are in my code already. I can't use Parse and stuff like that. I am able to use convert.ToX though. ANd thank you in advance! (Here's the link: http://ift.tt/1P8b5LK)

by Andrees881 via /r/csharp

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