Need help about Array values

So I have to make a application (project) in 2 days.

I'm pretty new at this, and the one I'm doing should do this:

-There are 2 arrays of 5 numbers each, the users are gonna type all numbers for each array.

I've done this part

-The program is gonna check if the numbers are numbers at all (go back if not, and repeat).

Did this as well

-After that, the program needs to check all numbers from each array and see if there are numbers that are dividable by 3, if there are, then increase them by 100%. Also it's gonna check if there are the ones dividable by 2, if there are, decrease them by 50%.

-At the end, it should write down the numbers that got increased/decreased and their new values.

-The thing that I don't know how to do is, how can I make the program find those numbers, and do the

checking —>increase/decrease…?

I can post the code if someone needs to look at it.

by TheImpulseLoL via /r/csharp

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