LinkedList with custom class element quick question

This is a quick question on the LinkedList class that I'm having trouble figuring out when wading through the MSDN documentation.

I want to use LinkedList but the data I'm going to be using is not a basic primitive like int, string, or something of the sort. It will be a custom class that contains about 3 or 4 public properties and maybe a couple of simple methods.

I'm wanting to use methods on LinkedList such as Contains or Find but I'd like it to search a property of the elements (or even better a property of my choice in the elements).

How would I do this with LinkedList or would another class be a better fit.

If it further helps, I'm designing a custom priority based event system over the default C# delegate/event system. The system I'm designing will handle a string for the listener name, an integer for the listener priority which can be any arbitrary positive number (not index based and several listeners may have the same priority), and the actual delegate to call for the listener.

In practice lower priority numbers will be called first before higher priority and all the data can be swapped out, re-arranged, changed, added, and removed throughout the code execution.

Sorry for long post on simple question but any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

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