In-depth ressources for Visual Studio and ReSharper?

I've been using the Visual Studio and ReSharper familly of products for a little while, but I'm, at best, vaguely familiar with the vast amount of features they offer.

I'd like to deepen my knowledge of these tools, how they interact and how to set them up so they complement each other nicely.

To give you an example of how little I know about Visual Studio, I learned only yesterday how you could save bits of code in your toolbox for reuse. Mind. Blown.

Same thing with code snippets. Had no idea.

This made me want to know more, so I decided I needed to properly learn these tools. If you could point me towards some kind of guide or resource that explore these in depth, It would be aweome.

TL;DR I'm bad at Visual Studio and ReSharper. Best way to fix that?

by retucex via /r/csharp

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