Implementing built in Authentication for MVC WebApp (point me towards a write-up?)

I'm building a webapp that will be hosted on Azure for work.

I'm building it in C#, .NET 4.5.2 using MVC.

When creating the project I chose "Individual User Accounts" for the log-in method, and I'm wondering if anyone could point me to a good write up for implementing that and customizing it.

I have an SQL database in azure and have a table set aside to hold usernames and passwords. There won't be any register option since the users will be controlled from the admin end. They only need to be able to log in, see the appropriate pages, and see the data that is intended for them.

Visual studio created account and manage controllers for this, along with the needed views, so I think it's just a matter of tagging things and setting up the table in the database, but as I've never done this, I'd like to be walked through it the first time


EDIT: An additional thought I had – I intend on hosting this in azure, but didn't select that option when I first created the project (A little gun-shy about exposing company information through the web. Though I don't think it would have exposed me as much as I initially thought, I wanted to wait until I had authentication set up to put it somewhere public)

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