How do you design for menus in larger wpf applications?

It seems like I can't find any good information on how you design for the menu in a single page application wpf.

I use MVVM and I'm having a hard time to get a good structure for them. Currently I have the Menu in a seperate View with it's own view model and I don't think that is a solution that will work for long. Because as I see it every menu item need it's own command/method on the view model so that view model will just grow and grow.

So do I split it too smaller view models? And how do I handle when an menu item is enabled/disabled? Should I just let other view models send out messages when it's okay to do an action?

Pretty general/basic questions but as I said I can't find a lot of information about it. So it's more about the design than the code itself I'm interested in. So if anyone have good experience on it or know where I can read/have good examples of a well handled menu it would be great.

by Meeii via /r/csharp

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