Help with Settings File and Project Organisation

hello c# guys and girls,

every so often i need to write a interface to other databases from a program and by now i have quite some code piling up in my studio.

I created a Project called MyLibrary containing the logic for error files, an own date cass and so on. so far so good. now i have a couple import interfaces to mssql – each as own project. works like calm as well.

i have one issue tho. i'm using an app.config here so the client for the interface can set their own settings (like, location of the log file, sql connection string,…). i'm not happy with all this. is there any better way to make a settings file that's easy to use for the customer?

due to the fact that these interfaces are very simular but not quite the same i'm using MySync for all those Projects. Right now it's looking like this:

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