Every time someone argues against “adding complexity” to the code, it blows up in their face but they continue to do it

So I've just sitting back over the last few years and observing herds of jaded or lazy developers throw shit-fits about some "punk kid" using too many new-fangled design patterns (the patterns are older than most of the people on my team), so we end up over-simplifying processes that are inherently complex to begin with. EVERY SINGLE TIME this argument has taken place and we went with the "simple" route, it has blown up in our faces and made it probably 4x more complex than the complexity these people were claiming to be avoiding yet this is still the default position that most of them take on every design.

As of recently, I do my best to shut this shit down because I'm really getting tired of it. So far it has been going well.

So what's up with this? I can understand wanting to avoid unnecessary complexity, but having the default position of avoiding regardless of what you're dealing with seems to be killing projects left and right.

I want your insight. Are you one of these blow hards? Why? What are you thinking? Legit question; Discuss…

by dasjestyr via /r/csharp

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