Converting from Java/Spring MVC to Equivalent C# Stack?

I've been a Java web developer for ~4 years and doing full stack for 3. I recently took a job where I'm working for a medium-sized manufacturing company's R&D department as a single developer.

Basically I will be building small internal applications for R&D. Even though I'm working by myself, I will have some interaction with IT/other developer groups, and they all use C# as their base language. The company itself uses 100% Microsoft technology (Windows, SQL, servers, active directory, etc.). I have been asked to migrate towards C# for this reason.

I have written some small C# desktop applications in the past, so I'm not unfamiliar with the language. However I am unfamiliar with the web technologies. A condition of my hire was that I be given some time to adjust and learn, and the company seems to be very understanding about that.

Can anyone fill me in on the C# counterparts to what I've listed below? I've been given full control over my stack, just as long as the base technology is C# so other developers can be literate in it. So the best/most modern stuff would be great to try out.

My current server technologies for Java are:

  • Spring MVC for the framework

  • Maven for build tools

  • Junit for unit testing

  • Jenkins for CI

  • IntelliJ IDE

Has anyone here made the same switch (or in the opposite direction) that can give me some of their thoughts?

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