C# application and my programming flaws.(x-post from /r/learnprogramming)

Don't really getting attension in /r/learnprogramming so i will try in my home subreddit ๐Ÿ™‚
Hello, i have been doing my own personal project. Some sort of popular wallpaper site http://ift.tt/1k2Evfw desktop application for windows.
So far it's been good experience. But now i stuck a bit.

First of all images that i downloading from wallhaven has a bit long time of loading/drawing. Maybe my way of doing that is wrong?!

Secondly i tried implementing back button that lets you go through images that you watched , but if you try go back and forward image number changes ( in textbox ), but image is still same.

Is there anything that I can improve in my code or any other advice?
Here is some image of my application: http://ift.tt/1WO20ra
Oh and here its my application first edition http://ift.tt/1SjwqB2

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