Asynchronously populating an html table, MVC5 and http requests.

Hi, I didn't really know how to title this, but here goes. I come from a VB.Net / Webforms background and want to learn more to move on up in the world so started on MVC and c#. I'm basically building a web crawler.

The crawler is literally a recursive async task that adds to a list. The function calls an http request and scans the content with a regex for links and does the function again up to a maximum amount of pages. I'm then loading this data in through models onto the page just fine. Any tips?

Pretty basic I know, but here's my problem. I don't want to wait until every page has been called to update the front end. I want to add the data page by page. I know this must be possible but I don't know what to google, or if I'm going about it in the right way by populating a list then loading that into the page?

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