Are there any upcoming, new or current languages that might replace c#?

I've been programming for about 40 years; from assembler (z80, 650, 68000, x86) to C, to C++, to Delphi, to C# with some stops along the way at forth and fortan and cobol and VB and basic and others I can't remember.

In general it seems like a progression up; once I've switched to the new language and get used to it there's no way I'd ever want to use the old one again ….

I've been using c# for a few years now and am pretty happy with it. Currently using it for indie game dev.

Are there any new or current languages that you feel will be even better or have more to offer than C#?

This is not intended to be a competition or start a holy war so scientific proof is not required; just want a heads-up for interesting new or current languages….

by someguysaid via /r/csharp

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