A push in the right direction

I am new to programming C# but pretty solid at VBA. Decided that I want to make this app in C# to learn more. The goal is a desktop app that will open and ask for an xml file. User will select the file and then enter text into a box. This text will match a tag in the xml and will return a specific child of that parent tag. It will be returning a lot, so I'm thinking I'll have it dump the returned list into a text file or excel file.

What I would like some direction on is ways to do this. Would it be better, since I have multiple xml files I want to use, to somehow dump them all into like a sql database and use my program to query that? Can I use C# to append Murillo xmls into one file(they all have the same tree formatting) and just parse that big xml?

I'm making decent progress in learning, but if someone has some experience with this and wouldn't mind helping me roadmap this so I can continue to build and learn, I'd be mucho gracias.

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