My recent job interview rambling

I was recently laid off from my development job (early December) and wanted to talk about the process of finding a new job and how I managed it. I was laid off first thing on a Monday Morning and the first thing I did was email a recruiter that I had worked with in the past. He happened to have a open position and booked me an interview with the company the next day. At this stage I was feeling competent as I have worked as a C# developer for a few years and consider myself mid – senior level. I have used, and can talk about design patterns, MVC, LINQ – pretty much all the stuff most of us use every day.

I show up at the interview and it’s a whiteboard design test and some basic programming questions. The issue I had, is that I have never written a program to figure out if a string is a palindrome or if a string is a anagram etc. The questions themselves are fairly simple but It took me way longer to write the solution than it should have. Long story short, I did not get a call back, even though I know I would be able to actually do the work… So I went home and started practicing like mad! I watched a tom of online tutorials on the fundamentals of C# and wrote loads of small programs that interviews like to ask. I also brushed up on basic SQL syntax and tried to get comfortable white boarding – I am pretty nervous when it comes to this stuff!

The next interview went much better and I felt less nervous about the white boarding session and received an offer. I guess the point of the story is that getting a job interview and doing well on it requires practice and confidence. Just thought I would share….

by cSharperthrow via /r/csharp

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