[Meta] Proposed style change

I love r/csharp, but the styling is kinda vanilla here… I was hesitant to even post this because after inquiring in a post here a few months ago as to why this sub has no additional CSS, I was met with a barrage of downvotes and comments to the effect of "this is a C# sub not a CSS/web dev sub, we don't need it, etc.." So here's a really quick mock up of some new styling I'm proposing:


Yes, I blatantly ripped off /r/dotnet, and no, it's not perfect, but this would give /r/csharp the look and feel of other MS-related subs. Hell, even /r/VisualBasic has some additional CSS. Mods, what say you?

by see_sharp_dotnet via /r/csharp

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