Issue downloading HTML code. Server side issues?

I'm trying to develop a program that compiles racing statistics from a website with subpages that have .htm extensions (, but I'm having issues downloading the HTML code from there. Oddly enough, it loads on my browser with no problems.

In an attempt to troubleshoot, I first tried downloading the HTML code from google's main page, which went through just fine. I then tried to download from another website with an .htm extension (, and again, it came through just fine.

The error I get is a (500) Internal server error, which sounds like it's the website's side that's got the error. But again, it loads just fine in the browser. What's going on?

Here is my code:

 string url = ";; WebClient c = new WebClient(); Stream s = c.OpenRead(url); StreamReader r= new StreamReader(s); string html = r.ReadToEnd(); Console.WriteLine(html); 

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