I wrote out an explanation for my startups technology decisions

After working for a startup for about 5 months in a technical role, the first financing check finally hit the bank. Since that milestone has been reached I thought I would share with /r/csharp.

The platform is to help patients make better food decisions. We thought that when a person sits down at a restaurant they may not have the best idea what the nutritional values mean to them. From that we decided to help them understand it by giving them easy to understand indicators for the items in the menu.

The workflow would be as such:

  • Sit down at restaurant and open the app
  • The app sees you are at Applebee's and opens their menu
  • The items in the menu are rated and sorted with item to best help you meet your goals at the top and the least at the bottom
  • Items that you are allergic to or might put you in a diabetic coma are tagged with a red dot and blurred
  • Items that will put you over your daily intake in a macro category will be labeled with a yellow dot
  • The rest are labeled with a green dot

I wrote up the technical approach in a blog post here http://ift.tt/1OTgK4W

by toothkiller via /r/csharp

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