Help- With WebBrowser on Transparent window

I am making a launcher for the people over a /r/janusVR and I need some help with making my application work. I started programming arduino then command line C++ and now this is my first C# app.

My applicaiton is WPF and is using this to create a blurred effect for the background. I am currently trying to display a html "changelog" document in the news tab of my app but because it is transparent the web broswer does not show up.

I found this project but I don't really understand what its doing and because the main window is a browser I'm unsure if it'll work with my app.

I appologize for my request being kinda vague, so here is the project files so hopefully you guys can see what I'm talking about and here is a example of what I am trying to accomplish.

Also, on a side note this is the page im trying to link to and if I could display just the news portion that would be great. Although I feel like I might be able to figure this part out.

by OnfireNFS via /r/csharp

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