Help understanding overloaded constructors.

Hello, all – I'm brand new to programming and decided to begin with C#. As soon as I feel like I'm beginning to understand some of the concepts, another comes along and wrecks my head. Right now I am doing my best to make it through the C# Fundamentals video with Bob Tabor without straying and so far, I'm mostly enjoying it. My only gripe is not specifically directed at this video series, but most of the reference material that I am coming across is that it's either far too complex, or far too vague. Most do a great job of explaining "what it is" but still leaves me questioning the "WHY?". One resource references code that is far beyond my level of comprehension or they reference code so vague, I don't understand the application of why we're doing this. I know this isn't specific to this language but right now, I'm confused with understanding the WHY of overloaded constructors. Can someone please explain the why and maybe explain an (understandable) scenario of its application? Edit:grammar

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