[VS2015] Hiding and Displaying different forms?

So I started Visual C# lightly about 2 months ago. I have picked up the majority of the basics. Although, in the software I am practicing with in VS2015 I can't seem to find a decent way to display new forms and close to current form.

The way I am using it at the moment is:

 form frmForm = new form(); this.Hide(); frmForm.Show(); 

But my problem with this is that the form that I am hiding is always constantly running in the background so when the user fully closes to application, that form is still running in the task manager. Any easier solution to display and close a form?

I tried closing the form that I don't want displayed and then displaying the form I want shown but that just closes the entire application before showing the form I want.

by MrSniffles123 via /r/csharp

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