panel paint loop


I'm fairly new to c# and have have become stuck close to the end of my project. I've created a console project which calls a number of forms, which displays a graph and some blurb about the results.

I call each of the forms with

Application.Run(new form()); Application.Run(new form2()); Application.Run(new form3()); 

On one of my forms I'm getting stuck in a panel paint loop

private void panel1_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e) { } 

I want to add some code to capture an image of the form but the form isn't completely painted until this event is finished and I can't run any futher code once the form has been initialised (I want this to be automated so don't want to rely on buttons).

Any ideas or suggestions will be a great help

by LipAndTeeth via /r/csharp

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