I need help fast.

So my assignment is that I have to convert this input: Jan Lemmens – Dorpstraat 14 – 9800 Nevele. To: J. Lemmens lives in Nevele

Now, I already have this:

string afgNaam, achternaam, gemeente;

 //invoer Console.WriteLine("Geef uw gegevens zoals bv: Jan Lemmens – Dorpstraat 14 – 9800 Nevele"); string persInfo = Console.ReadLine(); //verwerking string[] woorden = persInfo.Split(' '); afgNaam = achternaam = gemeente = 

But I have no idea how I split the string[] into multiple parts so I can edit them. I'll be in your depth if someone can help me.

by Vergolob via /r/csharp

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