Decorator and Observer pattern questions.


So after spending my free time learning C# and basic computer science/programming concepts, like how the stack works, basic debugging skills, etc I now want to delve into actually using some common design patterns in my code to learn about them.

Since I have to start some where, I decided to read about the 'gang of four' and choose a couple which I liked most to try. I personally really liked the idea of the Structural decorator pattern and the Behavioral observer patterns.

So my question is – does anyone have any solid, basic examples of real-world usage of these design patterns they like? Keep in mind I did google for some, but I have so far ran into a bit too basic to really give me a good idea of real-world uses, or a bit too complex to try and grasp right away.

Sorry for the "yet another design pattern question" post ahead of time. 🙂

by JacobKemple via /r/csharp

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