Would appreciate advice in picking a C# book for myself

I'm a junior developper (started working 2 years ago) and have been since trained on several .NET technologies (ASP, WPF, ADO, Entity Framework to name a few). Despite the fact that I'm still learning a lot I'm getting more and more confident with those tech. However I recently noticed, when looking through a C# questionnary a friend got in a job interview, that several core concept of the C# eludes me.

For example, in my 2 years, I have'nt encountered the need to use the Garbage Collection more than its standard use (let it do its thing).

I've started using the MSDN programming guide to get and idea of what I'm missing, however I do not always have access to internet so a book would help a lot. Is there any book that cover core/basics mechanics of the language (Garbage Collection, Management of the Stack/Heap, Value/Reference type etc.) to fill the lack of knowledge I have about C# itself ?


by WizLiz via /r/csharp

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