Working with Random Json

Hello Guys,

I really need your help. I wrote an application which is used to import new data from people into a database. the data I get is located on the web. that's working fine.

I used to work with the following structure:

{ "users": [ { "firstname": "John", "lastname": "Doe", "id": "1", "rfid": "BCDA412EA" }, { "firstname": "Jane", "lastname": "Doe", "id": "2", "rfid": "DA412EBCA" } ] } 

however. I got a new "structure" that I can not handle. the new nodes are random generated values? how can I access those?

New json looks like:

{ "page": 0, "page_size": 200, "total_count": 5, "count": 5, "data": { "ab90708-ded183ab37b55-623f-42ae-ae51": { "firstname": "John", "lastname": "Doe", "created_at": "2015-09-16T15:51:39Z", "tags": [ "803504", "80363004", "8436E64", "test123" ] }, "34ba-0619-4ed8-bf168d2a-ce3af684a2b0": { "firstname": "Stefan", "lastname": "Baloh", "created_at": "2015-09-16T15:51:40Z", "tags": [ "8034E26A4B0034004", "F3626A4B0034035" ] } } } 

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