[Winforms] Transferring a dataset from a deployed application on one computer – to another computer.


I was wondering if it was possible to transfer a dataset from one computer to another.

The application is deployed, and has the following folder/file hierarchy:


  • Application Files

    -> trailers.sdf.deploy

    -> Trailer-Program.exe.manifest

    -> Trailer-Program.exe.deploy

    -> Trailer-Program.exe.config.deploy

    -> Trailer-Program.application

    -> CarTrailer.ico.deploy

  • autorun.inf

  • setup.exe

  • Trailer-Program.application

Would replacing the 'trailers.sdf.deploy' file on computer2 with the 'trailers.sdf.deploy' file on computer1 work?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

by Rogue_Grogan via /r/csharp

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