We are designing a new programming language — ask us anything!

This is an x-post from /r/programming, but because the language we are designing compiles to dot net bytecodes, and is similar to C# in some ways, I thought you guys might be interested in it, too.

Check out our Kickstarter for an overview of the language and some of its features.

Feel free to ask us anything about the language, or what goes into language design in general, since that seems to be a topic that many developers are curious about, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of good information about.

Our backgrounds are mostly in DSL design, and in writing language extensions to C#. We have a pretty broad set of experience outside of language design, too, and a good mixture of academic and industry experience. I, for example, was trained as a String Theorist and have a background in advanced math, so I come from a more academic background. Others have more traditional CS backgrounds and have a lot of practical industry experience writing systems and applications.

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