Template or sample for a client management/project management application – or is their someone who wants to help me?

Hi all, I'm wanting a client-job management application, preferably browser-based and have started to give it a go myself using Visual Studio Express for Web 2013. And like most people i've gone through the motions of – * Buy of the shelf (no good as i need to tailor it to my workflow etc etc) * Pay someone to do it – As most, i don't have much money to spare. * Try to learn and do it myself – steep learning curve, frustration etc I started doing it via Access but that's just not flexible enough and no goo for browner/web. I'm guessing I need to use asp.net with C#, Entity Framework maybe…not sure. Does anyone have a sample/example I can build of/start with just to get over the first hurdle? Entities are client company – which can have many contacts (different people within organisation) – clients can also have many/endless jobs with multiple sections with some files to be available to client, some for office use only. Reports need to be generated in pdf and emailed to clietnstoo, but thats a long off HELP!

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