New job as a C#/.NET developer, looking for a good book

I was recently offered a job as an entry level programmer analyst. I'll be starting at the end of this month. I asked about what I should read up on before starting, and they said C# and .NET would be the biggest things, and a general understanding of MVC and OWASP would be good too.

I'm looking for a good book which can at least cover the basics of programming in C# and .NET before I start. They'll offer training for the first few months, but since it's my first programming job I'm pretty nervous and want to be as prepared as possible. Do you guys have any good recommendations that'll cover the basics of both at once?

As far as experience, I used C++ throughout university. I recently studied for the Java SE 7 OCA level certification and passed with flying colors.

by lionheartdamacy via /r/csharp

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