Network Share Remote Mapper

I have come up with what I think is a great idea for a program aimed at IT professionals. I work at a help desk where it has been the request of fellow agents to figure out a way to remotely map a network drive for a user on their computer without remoting in or similar tasks. I've looked all over online for solutions to this and haven't really found anything that would help with this, so I finally found a solution after many times of trying (and failing). I figured that I could build a program that could help with this basically all that is needed is a file created, PsExec, and the admin share (I want to add an option to be able to temporarily use an alternate location for those networks that don't include admin shares) and so far works without any user interaction. I have been working on it for the help desk I work at now, and for the most part it does work (just some small programming kinks) and we haven't had issues with it, but I am wanting to bring it out to everyone since there have been plenty of request by people in the past. I know that there are those options to add scripts to the user's computer, and integrate into Active Directory, but this is more for something on the spot if a user just got access and they can't wait or if for some reason the script doesn't load up properly. I am working on getting a working idea for the real world application, and all I need at this point if possible is for some volunteers for the future of other enterprise networks or similar with share drives that need some mapping mainly running Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 so that I can expand on what works and what doesn't. Here is a screenshot from what I have created at work, and will probably look similar with some extra features for the real version. Network Share Remote Mapper

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