Microsoft Azure- What service should I use for my project?

I'm planning to create simple Windows Phone online multiplayer game. Nothing complicated, at least not yet. The concept would be similar to some browser games. Everyone has their account, character connected with that account and a list of stats. There will be some knd of quest and whatnot.

Now, what kind of Azure Service should I use for this? Storage Account, Mobile Service, Database or what?

What are the differences between the storage and databaase? I was using Azure Storage for the chat in my other app, and it was kinda slow. Did I do something wrong, or does it really take ~8 seconds to download 50 chat messages from the table?

Also, how much would the service cost in Pay-As-You-Go supscription model? Would getting DreamSpark for SStudents give me some additional discount?

Thank You!

by MrReynevan2 via /r/csharp

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