Looking for a PCL mocking framework

I am working on the Bernie app for Windows (open source phone, store, and desktop app) and I am looking for a mocking framework that is compatible with PCLs (Profile 151) . While I am not completely new to the idea unit testing (lots of reading / videos), this will be my first real project with unit testing and finding a mocking framework that works with PCLs is not as easy as I thought it would be.

I started trying to write my first unit tests the other night and ended up trying to create manual mock objects after failing to find a framework that would work. Being fairly new to unit testing, I am having a hard enough time figuring out stuff like how to unit test async methods that I really don't want to have to manually create the mock objects as well. I know it can be done, but I'm thinking it probably would be a tough route. Anyone have any suggestions?

In addition, I am new to unit testing like I mentioned above so I would be more than happy for any advice you guys would have on things like what I should be unit testing. In case anyone is wondering, I have chosen xUnit 2.0 for my unit testing framework.

If anyone is interested here is the repo:


Also if you happen to support Bernie Sanders for President and want to join the party and contribute to one of the projects our group is working on, the Coders For Sanders subreddit is a good place to start:


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