Is Azure a good choice for temporary web sites?

I've been doing C# and ASP since the early days. My job mostly involves enterprise services, although I do have quite a bit of experience with ASP.NET MVC.

I was approached by a long time friend to a web site for a survey. I worked for several years in a market research company so this is right in my wheel house. However, I don't currently have a hosting service I use and I would need to get something but most likely it would be very temporary, like a few weeks at most.

Is Azure a good fit for a project like this? Can I host on an Azure instance and just pay for the duration of the project?

I need to store survey results but I'm not sure I need something as complex as a SQL instance. I think I can get away with file storage. How is the pricing on SQL vs. drive space on Azure? I'd probably just store the files in JSON format.

by ElGuaco via /r/csharp

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