I’m an IoC newbie, what are the best ones for .Net?

So I've been gradually getting my head into writing testable SOLID code, and all that jazz, and I've been doing a lot of constructor DI by hand.

My project that I'm working on (alone, so I don't have to worry about persuading other devs to use a new tech) has started to reach a size where my poor-man's DI has started to get a bit cumbersome and I'm starting to understand the value behind these container classes.

So, given that there's a ton of options out there, which ones are the top dogs? I almost went with Ninject until I read somewhere that it's API is very different to a lot of the others, and I saw some performance figures that put it in a bad light.

So rather than just make an arbitrary choice… Which ones are great in terms of features or ease of use, and which ones should I avoid like the plague?

by DuckPresident1 via /r/csharp

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