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Hey CSharp,
you guys helped me with my programming last week so I figured I'd turn to you guys again. Normally I would attend to my professor's office hours as my first resource, but I am away from campus for the holiday weekend.
This time my problem is with alphabetizing three user-entered words using CompareTo. I had no problem with alphabetizing two user-entered words, but I am stumped and cannot find an answer online as to how to correctly write the code for three. I am sure its simple and I'll feel stupid afterwards.
My code so far:
Console.WriteLine("Please enter two words to be sorted by the console");
string userWord2 = Console.ReadLine();
string userWord3 = Console.ReadLine();
//string userWord4 = Console.ReadLine();

 if (userWord2.CompareTo(userWord3) < 0) { Console.WriteLine(userWord2); Console.WriteLine(userWord3); } else { Console.WriteLine(userWord3); Console.WriteLine(userWord2); } Console.ReadKey(); 

Also, I enjoyed the tips of how to clean up my code last week, but if a code is written using a specific variable and isn't inherently incorrect, it is written that way because that is how my professor requires it to be. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.

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