How to access and manipulate a public Spreadsheet (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive)?

Hi everyone,

Currently for a game that I'm playing the community collects various bits of information in Google Spreadsheets. Because I'm looking for a new project and have never done something that requires some form of online connection I decided to try to write a program that allows the user to input the data into one spreadsheet and read data from another one and display them in a nice way.

I have the spreadsheets but I do not understand how to access them from my C# code. The things that I found in regards to the Google API seemed to be outdated as another form of authentication seems to be needed (although those files are public?) and for OneDrive I can't really find anything at all.

If you could point me in the right direction I'd be very happy.

by BaqFish via /r/csharp

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