Help a junior developer keep his job!

Hi all,

I recently got a job working for a large financial institution as a software developer/data analyst. I had no experience as a developer prior (they were aware of my lack of experience from before they extended the offer) and was hired to do many other tasks other than developing but have been spending most of my time coding in C# since I’ve started. I have been given a task to automate a few processes and for the most part it has been fairly simple but the application has been getting more and more complex, utilizing methods and classes, and to be honest I am getting overwhelmed. I’ll spend most of the day trying to understand what is happening and feel like I am not providing much value to my team.

My question for you all is how would you suggest I get up to speed the quickest? I need to gain a good understanding of OOP and connecting to SQL databases. Our application is large and complex and I would also appreciate any advice you could give on “reading” C# so I can decipher the intricacies of the application. I really like this job and want to do well so I need direction on how best to teach myself in the shortest amount of time. I can do most of the learning on the clock.

Thank you for reading and any help you can provide.

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