Code Snippet or something like is searched! (Actually two)

I'm looking for someway to do these:

Issue #1: A class' methods, field and properties can be used by an another class. My question will be used by UNITY engine, I can use it there, but I asked here because I may have something else in the future. Is this what called "Inheritance"? My example is: NPC or AI script, that can be changed if it's behaviour in someway unique.

Issue #2: How can I make a sum of objects with the same properties? My example here is items in a game. My problem starts there, how can I have difference properties between them? (e.g. ids, stone 1, gold 3 etc.) Another example: This gold ingot worth 10 gold in the market but this feather only 1 silver. Or rarity. (Gold Ingot is rare, but feather is common or junk)

Sorry, I'm just a hobby programmer, I mostly google things, but this time I don't know what am I looking for. So first I'm looking for a same behaviour script and second a way to store objects(?) with some differencies.

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