[Beginner] Is this Screen Display program possible?

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A friend and I were talking about the fact that I'm trying to break into coding. I wouldn't consider myself an absolute beginner, but I'm definitely pretty beginnery. He's going to be running an art gallery and he wants to perform a little experiment, I told him I'd try to help him design it.

He wants to have a program that can administrate a large, multi-monitor setup, something that determines the amount of displays a system has and has the option to place something he'd like on that display. I was hoping someone might be able to weigh in on the subject of the Screen class. This is what I wrote up about how I envisioned the project would work. I'm just not sure if it's possible to store display names as variables and call on those variables.

A for statement creates a button on form1 for each display connected to the system, i.e. Display1, Display2, Display3, etc.

When one of those buttons are clicked the click event generates an array or list containing all the image files in a specified folder, an OK button, a cancel button to bring you back to form1 as well as a label at the top of the list showing you which monitor you selected.

When you click on an item in the list or array and select 'OK', a full screen image appears on that display.

Is it possible to manipulate the Screen Class like this?

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