Basic WinForms question.

Note: New to programming, some what. A few months in, be warned.

  Hi, I have a question about using WinForms. From google results, it's pretty much all over the place. "It's dead, it's fine, it's crap, it's good, it's dying, it's thriving, use X, use Y" etc you get the idea.


  My current plan of project(s) I intend to write/am writing to learn from will all be for Windows desktops and have no major use for large, fancy, or performance demanding Guis. I built my last project as a Console application, and then at the end I used this lib: in order to make a quick WinForms for settings buttons/boxes and basic display of log outputs etc.


  I think it took me a few hours and it looked fine, and that is coming from never really using anything but Console stuff before hand. I used the SetText delegate example from msdn to fix the thread issue I had handily.


  Given the above background of my goals, and the fact that msdn's info on WinForms suggest nothing about it dying or being unsupported any time soon ( ), is it acceptable for me to just continue using them for a while and just skip the more complicated options? Or is there really something to the "it's dying/a waste of time" theme from google I tend to see?

Thanks ahead of time!

by JacobKemple via /r/csharp

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