Which language features that C# does not offer do you find most limits you?

Hi guys,

I love C#. I've been coding in C# with .NET framework and WPF for around 6 years now, and it's my favorite language for desktop application development. I also have spent the last few years learning C and C++, along with the basics of Java, Scala, Python, F#, PHP, JS, etc.

Its been interesting to see unique features of different languages and their differing type systems.

Now when i code in C#, i often find myself wishing some language features like multiple inheritance, mixins, traits, aspect oriented programming, Java-like enums, language level programming, preprocessing/templating, algebraic data types, pattern matching, better tuples, etc.

I'm not saying "C# should be this other language", i realize the omission of some of the above features might be a good thing (or would require CLI support). Im just curious as to what features would be most useful to other c# developers.

by CCRed95 via /r/csharp

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