Where do I start with adding user authentication and payment to a .NET application?

I'm a .NET developer with a couple of side projects. One of them I would like to try to turn into a user-based application with a payment portal.

I basically have no idea where to start. All my work professionally has been on existing systems where authentication components have already been written, or side projects that do not require these services.

The application I'm hoping to add this functionality to is a JS UI that makes calls to a .NET Web API, which in turn queries a 3rd party API and performs a bunch of business logic. Ideally I would like to support individual users and registration, and allow my API to check whether users have permissions to make certain API calls. Additionally, I would like to create payment options for users to access premium tiers of service.

Obviously I don't want to do anything from scratch (because while I have a general sense of what's needed, I'm sure it would be a ton of work and lousy with security holes), but I'm not even sure where to start as far as libraries go. Can anyone familiar with these sorts of applications advise?

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