Requesting assistance understanding why Refractoring initial constructor produced the included results

Hey guys, I'm trying to understand the refractoring – extract method option so I decided to give it a try on the following piece of code:

After using refractor – Extract methods, I got the follow resulting code:

I guess my main question is what is the purpose of the resulting type: SettlementMemoParams?

Is it for type-safety? it seems redundant to me.

Thank you for any insight to my question, also if you want to drop some additional knowledge on refractoring such as when I should opt to do it and what I should be aware of when doing it, I would greatly appreciate that.

Also for those that own the book: C# 4.0 Unleashed ISBN: 78-0-672-33079-7 , if you have any chapters you recommend I take a look at feel free to drop it in the comments! (I'm only up to chapter 13 at the moment).

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