Removing nHibernate references

I am in the process of removing nhibernate references from my code, these are the last two that I have.

protected static JournalsReview GetJournalsReviewById(int reviewid) { IDaoFactory daoFactory = new NHibernateDaoFactory(); var journalsreviewdao = daoFactory.GetJournalsReviewDao(); return journalsreviewdao.GetJournalsReviewById(reviewid); } protected void SaveOrUpdateJournalsReview(JournalsReview journalsreview) { IDaoFactory daoFactory = new NHibernateDaoFactory(); var journalsReviewDao = daoFactory.GetJournalsReviewDao(); journalsReviewDao.SaveOrUpdate(journalsreview); } 

I am not sure how I can edit these to work without it. I have a reference in the project that does the GetJournalReview stuff located here:

Domain.SITE.Core.Domain.JournalsReview GetJournalsReviewById(int id) Any one have any ideas how I would do this?

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