Need advice on what framework to choose for embedded browser app.

I am making an application that uses an embedded web browser to communicate with a third party JavaScript API.

I've just done my proof of concept work to see if what I wanted to do was possible and now I am in a real quandary as its time to rewrite it properly and I just don't have any desktop experIence to draw on and there are so many options.

currently it is a winforms app. It uses a hidden instance on the web browser control to generate the JavaScript that calls the API and the callbacks link into my C# code behind. I'm also using entity framework for managing returned API objects.

I think the simplest thing for me to do is just build out the winforms app however none of the competing apps work on Mac and I would really like to be able to have a Mac version.

I've been research my options and it's confusing as hell.

Do I switch to WPF and use silverlight? (I've not used either before and I'm not sure if there is a cross platform embedded browser) Do I use mono? (From what I gather most people say it's a lot of work to get it working and ends up in multiple code bases although it does have an embedded browser) Do I forget cross platform get up to date and use UWP? (Does this even run on old version of windows? Does WebView work like the web browser control?)

I've never made a cross platform app and the embedded browser requirement I'm guessing is going to make it a pain in the arse I'm guessing.

Maybe the sensible thing is to forget cross platform and just stick with what I know and work on winforms but there have been projects in the past where I have regretted not picking the right framework (cough webforms cough) at the start.

Any advice is appreciated.

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