I have an idea for a website. Anyone interested in helping out?

I think itd be awesome to make a website like pastebin that has full support (or as full as possible) for syntax highlighting for C# and XAML. I like this guy's general design:


Except it wouldnt need a file list really or to be a full IDE. I just hate trying to read peoples code snippets on reddit and i think itd be cool to have an easy place to paste code snippets so people can view code as theyre used to seeing it in visual studio. Also writing and formatting code in reddit comments is unnecessarily difficult with that stupid space indent stuff. I want to be able to have a bunch of themes (light and dark) as well. Or maybe people could upload their VSSettings file and it would always match their visual studio color settings.

Ill pay for web hosting. I dont want ads on it or any money or anything.

Is anyone interested in helping? Im not very experienced with web programming but i have worked a bit with HTML CSS JS and JQuery. If youre not interested in helping, would you use a site like this or would it just be annoying to have to go to a link to see the code snippets?

Or maybe we could add to RES extension to imbed an image with the formatted code right in comments like it does with imgur.

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