How do I update my knowledge of Visual studio?

I've done lots of C# in winforms and XNA, but every time I try XAML/winstore apps, which I really want to figure out, I can't understand the errors it gives me.

For example, I wrote this code to try to get file stuff working.

 DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo("C:\\"); foreach (FileInfo fi in di.GetFiles()) { listView.Items.Add(fi.FullName); } 

this does not work in my app, for legitimate reasons, I'm sure.

It works in a console program, with " listView.Items.Add" replaced with "console.writeline" of course.

But it doesn't really tell me why, just that the error wasn't handled.

I think it wants this kinda thing in a seperate thread, which isn't something I've done much, but still.

Also, anyone know any good tutorials for win10 apps XAML creating? How do you make things scalable?

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